At first I thought I'd stick to weekly updates but (less than a month in) I blew a deadline!

I didn't have anything to say really. So, while the pressure to make something every week was good, I just felt worse when I wasn't getting something accomplished. And that pressure is exactly what I'm trying to avoid with this thing.

So from here on out, I'm going with a more convenient deadline strategy which is whenever there is something to say. I'm sure you wont mind!


The Worst Game Ever has funded! This is another interesting game from Gorilla Games, the publisher of Monster Derby (which I did the art and design for.) I'll be doing the work for this one as well, which looks to have doubled in it's size, what with all the stretch goals that were met.

There have been great comments about the sample artwork, which I intended to be loose and quick in keeping with the theme, and in contrast to the heavily rendered logo image.

Here's a couple sketches for an upcoming thing I'm going to do with Calamity Jon Morris, a little story we've talked about doing for years. I think we'll both be pleased to finally get this one out! I'm sure there will be more on this in the next couple months.



Frank Turner "Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons" Scott Ludwig sent me some stuff by this guy, and I've really been enjoying this song in particular.

Johnny Two Bags "Clay Wheels" Sanguine and Shiny opened for him at SBC once and he played this song that night, like this. I'm embarrassed to say that, despite being a 40 year old white guy who grew up in the South Bay, I've never been a Social Distortion fan. I'm now a pretty big Johnny Two Bags fan though, and he was damned nice and incredibly complimentary to Tony and I. We lived on that for days.

Lyle Lovett "screening" Lungs Lyle Lovett is an American treasure. To quote Steve Earle, his partner in this clip, I'd stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots to say it. Earle was talking about Townes Van Zandt when he said it and this is one of Townes' strangest songs, with imagery that barely fits inside it's 2 minutes. It's a punch in the ear and maybe the real miracle is in his use of the word butter in a way that doesn't make me laugh. If I was wealthy, I'd buy the piece of paper this song was first written on and keep it in a top-lit glass box in an empty black room.

And finally, Curtis Eller posted this clip the other day. It's not music, per se, but it's reason #1 that NO ONE should ever mess with the banjo player: Also, Lee Van Cleef makes everything amazing.


Thank you all again, I hope you have a beautiful week and a Happy 4th. If you're local I'll see you at the park's fireworks show, where I will be working. So be kind and throw away your trash in a designated receptacle!