I spent five years during the early internet making visually rich webcomics with an emphasis on nonlinear storytelling models that pioneered navigation in the newly arrived digital environment. My award-winning collaboration with Alexander Danner, FIVE WAYS TO LOVE A COCKROACH was featured in MoCCA’s “Infinite Canvas” art exhibition. Way back then, I made Scott McCloud’s list of up and coming talent. You can find a full listing of what’s left of my webcomic work at

I’ve made print comics, including LABOR AND LOVE: A Garland of American Folk Ballads with writer Sam Costello, and contributed to anthologies like NEGATIVE BURN, Andrew Dabb’s SLICES, SPLIT LIP, and BOO! Halloween Stories. My work was also featured in WEBCOMICS: Tools and Techniques of the Digital Artist by Steven Withrow published by Barron’s Educational Series and CHARACTER DESIGN FOR GRAPHIC NOVELS from Focal Press, as well as the documentary film ADVENTURES INTO DIGITAL COMICS.