Artist Statement

Most of my work starts at the intersection of tradition and technology.

I began my focus in traditional art; studying drawing, painting, sculpture, and storytelling. As technology grows to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, I work to find the ways in which these seemingly at-odds methods of creating intersect and grow around each other.

From nonlinear storytelling during the jurassic internet to hand-painted QR codes that point to 100-year old films of dying elephants, or by utilizing classical methods to paint the feverish images created by generative adversarial networks, I’m interested in how we translate tradition and the human aesthetic into our dynamic world. And how we can use technology to enhance craft and individuality.


I currently teach 3D Art and Digital Media at the high school level and provide private classes for adults. Prior to that I spent 15 years as a working artist and illustrator. I am a member of the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee for the City of El Segundo and a past president of the El Segundo Art Association. I’m also a guest speaker for groups and schools. My new presentation, The Creativity Diagram is a way of categorizing the resources available to artists in order to grow ideas, and it is now available.


They Made Seven Thomas Jeffersons

This short story is currently available in “El Segundo Writes” a regional anthology. (Original Fiction, 2500 words)

Standing on the corner of Innovation and Propaganda

A study of the smoke in Winsor McCay’s “Sinking of the Lusitania” (Essay, 2900 words)

"This One's for You, Walt."

An inspection of the most underrated artist of this century, and how irony might have saved him. (Essay, 2000 words)

Pity The Humble Luthier

Gustav Metzger’s Auto-Destructive Art haunts us to the edge of taste (Essay, 1700 words)

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis

The Alchemist of Theresienstadt (Essay, 3100 words)

"My friend Vito Told Me This Morning That I Am A Philistine"

On how much of the public should be involved in public art, or why we should hold on tightly to failure. (Essay, 2400 words) 

How One Bad Review Can Really Change Your Life

John Everett Millais, Charles Dickens, and the Pre-Raphaelite vision (Essay, 4600 words)

On Hospitals

In two chapters  (Original Prose, 1300 words)

The Cubist Contribution to Camouflage and the History of Visual Warfare

Lee Miller and Roland Penrose Part 1 (Essay, 1500 words)

So Much More than the Girl in Hitler's Tub

Lee Miller and Roland Penrose Part 2 (Essay 2400 words)

Only 16% of his dreams survived

The story of Batiste Madalena and George Eastman (Essay, 1700 words)

How Data Inspired Dada

Or the graph’s effect on abstraction (Essay, 1500 words)

In Some Respects it is Light

The legacy of Jay Defeo. (Essay, 1900 words)