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Neal Von Flue is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator. Earlier in his career he spent 15 years as a working artist, illustrator and pioneer of digital storytelling. He is a guest speaker for groups and schools. Neal’s current presentation The Creativity Diagram, is a way of categorizing the internalized resources available to artists to help them grow their ideas and troubleshoot during their process. It is now available.

He is also a writer, creating essays on history, art and culture, as well as the occasional piece of fiction. in 2023 he published Sweeping Up After the Party is Over, a retrospective of his work in the last decade.

Neal is currently working at a studio in the Smoky Hollow section of El Segundo. It is filled with art, machines, motorcycles, car parts and taxidermy. For appointments to see new work, please contact him.


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Bitclout Artists Spotlight–, 2021

Marking Transition: The Work of Neal Von Flue– Hanli Geyser, 2012